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Edible Art

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Metro, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Metro Intern

    Food presentation is a factor in making the food more inviting and appetizing...Truly, food and art go together...Man's artistic creativity and imagination is boundless as we can glimpse from these amazing food concepts and designs - Melon Monroe and Obama Sushi Roll! But sometimes, the designs make the food just too pretty to eat...Would be fun to see other images of edible art that you can share. :cute:

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  2. Chillian Intern

    I find the idea of eating something arty quite appealing, but I'm not sure how I feel about the things with famous faces on them! That would just feel odd I think. Does anyone know what kind of food the 'eye' is?
  3. Laurentius Administrator

    This concept would be great for a luxury restaurant! I mean how popular wouldnt it be to have a menu with famous people dishes?!
  4. Sophie Intern

    Edible art is a lot of fun, but I understand what you mean about not wanting to eat it. It's just too beautiful when well done.

    I would love to see a restaurant with celebrity dishes. That would be amazing.
  5. Tallulah Intern

    The eye is toast isn't it? I think it's incredible but not meant to be eaten. It's different shades of scorched bread creating the shading. There are some incredible cake creations on this site if anyone wants to look.
  6. Tribon Intern

    That's an inspired idea. I would definitely eat there.

    I had a look around the web and found this site. Scroll down for the cheese sculpture, it's amazing!
  7. Michelangela Intern

    Fruit bouquets look so pretty and elegant – and are very tasty too!
    I remember as a child I once had a melba ice-cream shaped as a rabbit. I though it was amazing.

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