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List of Good Fonts

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Laurentius, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Laurentius Administrator


    Here is a list of very good fonts for you to use when you design logos and and posters etc. I hope this resource will come in handy! If you know any other good font resources you want to have listed here, please let me know and I'll add them. :)

    Elegant Fonts

    20 Elegant Fonts for Clean Design - webdesignledger.com
    20 Top Elegant Fonts - slodive.com

    Modern Fonts

    52 really high quality free fonts for modern and cool design - 1stwebdesigner.com
    45 Beautiful Free Fonts for Modern Design Trends - sixrevisions.com
    20 interesting Modern Fonts - inspiredology.com

    Vintage and Retro Fonts

    35 Vintage and Retro Free Fonts for Your Designs - designmodo.com
    30 Fonts Perfect for Retro and Vintage Style Design - webdesignledger.com
    40 Free Fonts Ideal for Retro and Cintage Designs - bluefaqs.com

    Futuristic Fonts

    25 Best Free Futuristic / Techno Fonts - cssrex.com
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  2. haddebo Junior Designer

    Beautiful, thank you for this collection Laurentius.
  3. interiorking Designer

    Nice, good job man!
  4. holden Intern

    dafont.com is another website to get fonts from. i believe some cost $, but there are plenty of free ones to choose from
  5. Ivan Low Junior Designer

    Thanks Laurentius for these sweet fonts collection. Just a quick question, can we use all these font for commercial projects?

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