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List of logo ideas and inspiration!

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Laurentius, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Laurentius Administrator

    I have spent some time finding good and interesting logo designs for you to look at. Here is a list of good blog posts with logos, enjoy!


    This is a top list of the world's best logo's: http://www.goodlogo.com/top.250/interval/1

    Logo Inspiration
    If you have another logo resource, please post it below in a post and I will update the list!

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  2. Cleo Designer

    Thank you for that, I'll check later if I can find some more resources for this thread. Very good work.
  3. ekkanh Junior Designer

    Great stuff Laurentius, the last link containing logos with hidden messages were awesome, that's whats a logo is all about. The hidden message or the purpose of it, is what defines a good logo.
  4. alexclark Intern

    Very nice post i really like it thanks for sharing.
  5. Laurentius Administrator

    I just updated the list with some more recent logo designs, enjoy!
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  6. gaultney Designer

    Epic collection of inspiration, I love to just sit and go through every single one of those wonderful logos. :D
  7. carmel Junior Designer

    Great post, thank you for sharing those with us all!;)
  8. Legodice Junior Designer

    This list is really good, some of those logos are quite clever. :)
  9. ruby Intern

    Excellent posting. Thanks for keeping us updated with such intriguing stuff. Looking forward to hearing from you again
  10. Jiya Intern

    That's so nice collection you posted here. All the top class logos together are looking so cool. Every body have his own choice and interest so i am telling my that i most of all like the logo of apple.

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